Who is TasPlates?

TasPlates is a long-term partnering arrangement between the Government of Tasmania and Plate Impressions Pty Ltd - an Australian based company with expertise in registration plate services and marketing. The aim of our dedicated staff is to provide Tasmanians with the best range of personalised plates and make the buying and ownership of plates easy and enjoyable. Our team is involved in a range of activities:

  • Assisting the public, motor dealers and Service Tasmania staff through the call-centre.
  • Providing information, advertising material and assistance directly to Service Tasmania and motor dealers throughout Tasmania.
  • Public relations and fundraising activities with Tasmanian organisations and clubs.

TasPlates aim is to offer Tasmanians the best range of plate designs and service and we welcome any feedback, so please don't hesitate in contacting us with comments and suggestions.

How many characters can I have on my plate?

For cars and trailers, most of the range enables you to have 6 characters on your plate. The Prestige Plus range allows for 7 characters. For motorcycles you are limited to 5 due to the smaller size of the plate.

Are there any restrictions for Prestige Plus (7 characters)?

Yes, content most contain at least 2 alphas, and one alpha which is not an “I” or “O”. Please also note, all numeric content will be reserved.

Do I own my personalised plates?

Yes. From 1 March 2007, your unique combination belongs to you. There are no annual renewal fees.

Can I purchase personalised plates without a driver's licence?

Yes. Individuals and companies can visit Service Tasmania and apply for a Customer Reference Number (CRN). Service Tasmania can issue a CRN from the Motor Registry System once the customer satisfies the normal identity validation requirements.

Can I purchase plates if I don't want to put them on a vehicle?

Certainly. Simply don't nominate that they will be attached to a vehicle via the website or the call centre operator. However, if you want to attach them to a vehicle later on you are required to visit Service Tasmania, complete an Application for Replacement Number Plates and surrender the number plates that were previously affixed to the vehicle.

How will I get my new certificate of registration?

A new certificate of registration will be mailed to you or if you surrender your old plates at Service Tasmania they will provide a new certificate of registration.

What do I do with my old plates?

When you ordered your TasPlates, if you nominated that they are being attached to a vehicle then you are required to return your old plates. We offer two convenient options to return your old plates:

  1. Your delivery parcel includes a return addressed post bag; simply enclose your old plates in the bag, seal and deposit in an Australia Post collection box or post office and they will be returned to us for recording and secure destruction.
  2. You can also hand over your old plates at Service Tasmania where they will be recorded and collected for secure destruction.

You are required to return the previous registration plates either in the self-addressed envelope supplied or to Service Tasmania within 7 days of receiving your personalised plates. Failure to do so may result in prosecution and a fine not exceeding 10 penalty units ($1000).

Are my personalised plates covered under warranty?

Yes, your TasPlates are covered by a 5 year manufacturing warranty. If your plates are hard to read or have faded, we recommend contacting us on 1300 787 060.

Can I upgrade the design of my TasPlates?

Of course. Changing the style or design of your TasPlates is easy. Get started by clicking here, or by calling our customer service team on 1300 787 060.

In most ranges, you will be able to change your background and transfer your characters, just make sure the character combinations format of your current plates match the format of the plate you wish to upgrade into (e.g. 3 Letters/3 Numbers).


Is there any further costs to purchasing a plate?

There is no additional costs to the order fee advertised of a plate and the plate is not subject to GST. If you require any further information in relation to this please contact TasPlates on 1300 787 060. Please note: all prices are in Australian dollars.

What happens to the money made from personalised plates?

Proceeds from every personalised plate are returned to the Tasmanian Government to assist in providing vital services and infrastructure for each and every Tasmanian.

Is there a cooling off period or can I get a refund if I change my mind?

No, once you have decided to purchase TasPlates and you make payment, there is no cooling off period and refunds are not available if you change your mind.


What options do I have to order TasPlates?

There are 3 easy ways to order:

  • ONLINE. Click here and follow the five easy steps to create your TasPlate, check availability and order.
  • CALL. Speak to the friendly TasPlates customer service team by calling 1300 787 060.
    Make sure you have your driver's licence ready and they will help you order your new plates.
  • VISIT. Drop into your local Service Tasmania. Or, if you are buying a new car, ask your dealer to order your TasPlates for you.

What payment options do I have?

We accept MasterCard and VISA when you complete your purchase via the website or call centre.

Credit card, EFTPOS and cash can be used when purchasing TasPlates at Service Tasmania.


How many Numeral Only plates will be available in the sale?

Numeral Only plates are available for sale via a limited release. The number of plates released will vary dependent on content and availability of plates at that time.

Can I order Numeral Only plates online?

Due to the high value of these purchases, Numeral Only plates are not available for sale online and can only be purchased via the call centre.

Can I find out the prices of Numeral Only plates in advance?

Unfortunately, due to the high value of these plates, prices are via expression of interest only by via the contact centre once the sale is live.

Why are Numeral Only plates more expensive?

These plates are considered a collector’s item and due to the high value and the rarity of these plates, pricing is in accordance with market demand.

Can I choose my own Numeral Only plate combination?

As this content is limited and rare, only specific Numeral Only plates are released at these sales.

What payment options do you accept?

The Department of State Growth only accepts payments from Visa and MasterCard.

Can I purchase more than one plate today?

For security and systems purposes only one transaction can be made against one unique customer identifier being drivers licence or customer reference number.


How secure is the TasPlates website?

The TasPlates website transaction application is contained within a secure iframe using 128 bit encryption. This means that your data is transmitted securely. If you prefer, you can order over the phone by contacting the TasPlates Customer Service team on 1300 787 060 during business hours.


How are my plates delivered?

Your TasPlates will be delivered at no extra cost to your nominated home or work address. Delivery is via Australia Post E-Parcel service and is securely tracked throughout its journey. The delivery person will ask you to sign for your plates as proof of delivery. However, if you are not home when the deliverer calls, they will leave a note in your letterbox directing you to collect at plates at a nominated post office.

How long will it take to get my plates?

Your plates will be made and dispatched directly to you within 20 working days. Please allow additional days for Australia Post delivery.


Can I buy number plates as a gift?

Yes, you can purchase a gift voucher to the value of the full plate purchase price from a chosen plate range. Order online here or call 1300 787 060. The gift recipient will then be able to redeem the gift voucher by calling TasPlates on 1300 787 060.

Can I buy a blank gift certificate to a dollar value?

Yes, TasPlates gift vouchers are available in $50, $100 or $200 amounts. Order online here or call 1300 787 060.

How do I redeem my TasPlates gift voucher?

TasPlates gift vouchers are only redeemable by placing your order with the TasPlates customer service team. Please call 1300 787 060.

I have a Gift Card that was given to me from TasPlates, are there any specific terms and conditions I need to be aware of?

Yes. When redeeming the gift cards that are part of the Welcome brochure and Dealer gift certificate promotions, you need to abide by the following terms and conditions: the gift cards can only be used once and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Can I transfer my TasPlates ownership to someone else?

If you wish to transfer the ownership of your plates to another party, simply go to Service Tasmania and complete a Transfer Right to Display form, please note there is a $39 fee associated with this transaction.

Can I keep my plates when I sell my car?

Yes. However, you'll need to go into a Service Tasmania shop and purchase a set of general issue registration plates.

How do I transfer my plates from vehicle to vehicle?

If you are transferring your TasPlates between vehicles that are registered in your name there is no transfer fee. You just need to go into any Service Tasmania and complete the appropriate forms. Service Tasmania will charge a replacement certificate fee.


Can I keep my plates if I'm moving interstate?

Yes, simply take them with you. However, they cannot be attached to a vehicle that is registered in another state.


What happens if my plates are lost, damaged or stolen?

Contact TasPlates on 1300 787 060 and arrange to have a duplicate set manufactured.

Please note a remake fee applies.


Do I need bike rack plates?

If you attach a bike rack or mobility device rack to the back of your vehicle and it obstructs the view of the number plate, you will need a bike rack plate. The plate will have the same letter/number combination as the plates on your vehicle.

How do I order a bike rack plate?

Call the TasPlates customer service team on 1300 787 060. It is $30 for a bike rack plate, the letter/number combination will match your personalised plates.


Do I need a number plate for my trailer or caravan?

Yes, all vehicles require number plates. Caravans and trailers have their own number plates as they have a separate registration from your vehicle.

How do I order trailer or caravan plates?

You can order them via the normal ordering channels.


Can I order personalised plates for my heavy vehicle?

Yes, all TasPlates styles available for cars are also available for heavy vehicles. You can order personalised number plates for your heavy vehicle through the same channels as all other TasPlates.


A TasPlate cannot be used on a conditionally registered vehicle e.g. Conditional, Work Vehicle, Vintage, Restricted, Special Purpose vehicle.


Can I get a TasPlate for my Special Interest Vehicle or motorcycle?

Yes, (SI) registered cars and motorbikes can now display any style of personalised plate. SI vehicle operators who already own personalised plates can visit a Service Tasmania Centre to return their SI plates and apply to use personalised plates.

How to change to a personalised plate?

Please follow the steps outlined below:

Replacing existing SI plates with existing TasPlates, that you own:
1. Return special interest plates to a Services Tasmania Centre.
2. Complete an application for replacement certificate of registration and/or number plates.
3. Pay the fee.

Replacing existing SI plates with new TasPlates:

1. Order personalised plates from the TasPlates website.
2. Once you receive the TasPlates return special interest plates to a Service Tasmania Centre.
3. Complete an application for replacement certificate of registration and/or number plates.
4. No fee.

Can a personalised plate be transferred from one SI vehicle to another?


Important information in relation to Special Interest Vehicles:

What classification of my SI vehicle can I use my personalised plates for?

Class A, B and C.

What if my car is over 30 years old and fully registered and I want to register as Special Interest?

For all information on how to register a vehicle as Special Interest please check the Department of State Growth website www.transport.tas.gov.au/registration/options/special_interest_vehicle_registration


Are there different plate sizes I can choose from?

Yes. The majority of plate styles for cars are available in Standard (372 x 134mm) and Slimline (372 x 100mm) for front and back combinations of your choice. Please note, Euro plates are only available in the special European size of 520 x 112mm and Prestige plates are available in Standard (372 x 130mm) and Slimline (372 x 100mm) sizes. Motorcycle plates are only available in one size, 186 x 100mm.

If I've chosen a plate style with graphics and/or a tagline, will they appear on slimline sized plates?

No. Unfortunately the size of the Slimline plates cannot accommodate all of these elements. However, depending on the particular design, some parts of the graphics may appear.